Towards supporting the formation of industrial clusters within rural areas in linking rural enterprise to modern industry, SENCAB is in the process of developing capacities within rural farmer and trader groups. Within the Kwamoso and Anamase communities in the eastern region, this is being done through the development of methodologies for skills training in specific areas such as book keeping and credits sourcing. The community resource management initiative under this component, lays focus on promoting resource management in entrepreneurial growth processes. Whilst focus is on enhancing rural enterprise reflecting on proper and adequate management of local natural resources through intensive collaboration with traditional authority in protection of community resources and reserves, opportunities for infrastructure is as well addressed. In using community based approaches, strategies developed focus on strengthening local potential for industrial development, as well as recognising external resource mobilization for infrastructural development.

Staple Crop Processing Challenges- Cassava (Gari) Processing - Kwamoso Community

Setbacks - Palm Fruit Processing - Anamase Community