SENCAB’s activities are directed towards contributing to increase enterprise potential to reduce poverty levels through building capacities of civil society groups.

SENCAB’s activities are directed towards contributing to increase enterprise potential to reduce poverty levels through building capacities of civil society groups. Under the two main programme areas of Research and Training, SENCAB executes its activities in 4 main programme components to be implemented in the Western and Northern regions of Ghana:

Traditional Governance and Organizational Development in Enterprise performance

In the Western region of Ghana, SENCAB, together with CIKOD, is involved in a pilot phase interactive process at the community level enabling more precise identification of occupational groupings for enterprise growth.
This aims at identifying the domain within which occupational groups presented themselves. In exposing the structures within which these groups operate, the pilot programme aims at identifying what specific capacities the occupational groups need to achieve enterprise development. In using the community organizational approach supporting the use of traditional forms of organization in harnessing available resources; and engaging towards the use of these capacities to draw on increasing their potential in this regard, SENCAB in collaboration with CIKOD are working towards identifying the organizational form within which these structures operate, their routine activities engaged in and specific targets set to be achieved in increasing entrepreneurial success.

Interfacing traditional enterprise and modern industry

Towards supporting the formation of industrial clusters within rural areas in linking rural enterprise to modern industry, SENCAB is in the process of developing capacities within rural farmer and trader groups. This is being done through the development of methodologies for skills training in specific areas such as book keeping and credits sourcing. The community resource management initiative, project under this component, will lay focus on promoting resource management in entrepreneurial growth process. Together with CIKOD, SENCAB’s activities in enhancing rural enterprise reflect on proper and adequate management of local natural resources through intensive collaboration with traditional authority in protection of community resources and reserves.

Rural youth in Enterprise growth

Serving as a platform to enhance the recognition of potential within their communities as well as build their capacities in early stages to enhance their ability to harness opportunities available towards the build of industrial clusters within their communities, this component will focus on supporting educational needs of community youth within the Akutuase community in the Western Region.

Gender development in enterprise growth

To be developed as the Gender component, the programme will be concentrated on rural women. It will encompass the three categories of skills training, advocacy support to increase lobbying capacities in terms of collaborating more closely with service organizations and District Assembly bodies as well as technical support in terms of methods to promote quality in the management of produce. The goal of the programme is to enhance the capacities of women in industrial performance as well as strengthen their capabilities to represent themselves on public platforms. The pilot phases of the programme will be executed in selected communities within the Western and Northern regions of Ghana. The Palm Kernel Processing and Group Proceeds Distribution Initiative is in the process of being formed as a pilot programme in Akutuase in the Western Region.