In the Western region of Ghana, SENCAB, together with CIKOD, is involved in a pilot phase interactive process at the community level enabling more precise identification of occupational groupings for enterprise growth.
This aims at identifying the domain within which occupational groups presented themselves. In exposing the structures within which these groups operate, the pilot programme aims at identifying what specific capacities the occupational groups need to achieve enterprise development. In using the community organizational approach supporting the use of traditional forms of organization in harnessing available resources; and engaging towards the use of these capacities to draw on increasing their potential in this regard, SENCAB in collaboration with CIKOD are working towards identifying the organizational form within which these structures operate, their routine activities engaged in and specific targets set to be achieved in increasing entrepreneurial success.

Akutuase Community – Local Organization- Addressing Challenges in Staple Crop Cultivation

Dodowa - Agomeda Community - Local Organisation

SENCAB, together with community multiplicators, is involved in a series of sensitization workshops aimed at community level capacity building for local economic operators, towards identifying potential of enterprise groups in accessing external resources.
In mapping out actors towards strengthening existing structures, SENCAB, together with the Local District Assembly, community multiplicators, as well as traditional representation, have worked towards identifying community suited approaches in achieving enterprise growth.
In collaborating with the SENCAB team in identifying community organisational approaches and potential, Nana Yopeyo Dadetsu III, traditional Queen Mother within the community, engaged community actors in identifying occupational group capacities within the series of community workshops. The sessions aim at identifying processes to be set in harnessing available local potential, as well as identifying external resource opportunities.

Unearthing Potential of Local Structures – Dodowa- Agomeda